Job Opening: Family Peer Specialist

NOVA provides treatment for individuals ages 15-25 who are experiencing a first episode of psychosis. A Parent Peer is a parent, grandparent or guardian who is parenting, or has parented, a child with serious emotional disturbance or serious mental illness, and can articulate the understanding of their experience and share that experience with another parent/family. Parent Peers provide strength-based rehabilitative support services to parents that are expected to increase the child/family’s capacity to function within their home, school and community while promoting recovery. This person responsible for advocating for parents/families who have children with serious emotional disturbances or serious mental illness. This position will require the Parent Peer to have innovative ideas to help parents/guardians increase knowledge of serious emotional disturbances/serious mental illness and mental health needs of children, adolescents, and young adults, assist with encouragement of families with cooperating with services, and promote self-empowerment of the parent. 

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