by Kate McGee

She found a part of herself

Long since departed

Never thought to be seen again

That part of her, locked away

Sealed up behind a dense forest

And under a murky lake

Behind layers of brick walls

Wrapped in iron clad chains

And caked in mud

With a bag over her head

Mouth ankles and wrists bound

Long forgotten

Only a tiny ember of hope left within her


More than a decade had passed

With unchanging tides

At long last the tides began to change

A series of fortunate events occurred

She found her bounds cut

Slowly she removed the bag from her head

Disoriented and confused

Where was she?

She took a look around, terrified

But something had cut her bindings

Something gave her the freedom to move again

What was it?

Her curious cat like nature kicked in

Looking around a scary sight unfolded

On all sides a frightening foreboding fortress

Built around her

How was she to escape this?

Pondering and pacing something appeared

Tools? How odd

With a hum and a slight smile she grabbed a tool


Choosing a wall she tore down the layers that encased her in

Soon the wall came crumbling down

Behind it a wall of water rushed in

Frightened and worried

She began to swim with all her might

She swam

And swam

And swam

Her lungs began to fill with water

Now she had come this far

There’s no giving up now

At last she came to the surface

Taking in big breaths the girl looked around

She was in some sort of lake

In front of her lie a thick forest

Swimming to shore she looked at the imposing woods

It was eerily quiet

Not a single chirp, hoot or howl

Nor a cricket song

She wasn’t giving up

Oh no, she was determined

Determined to know what happened to her

So she started the trek through the forest in front of her

The further she walked the less scary it seemed

It didn’t seem so close in there

Walking further the sweet sounds of birds appeared

More and more sunlight came through the canopy

A Mirkwood forest this was no more

A beautiful woodland bloomed around her

Soon she came across a meadow

Full of wildflowers and a babbling brook

Trees covered in ivy and wisteria

The smell of honeysuckle in the air

It was a stunning and beautiful sight

Her green eyes once dull like a dying leaf

Now vibrant like that of an emerald

And a smile so true like that of a child

Emerged on her face

So long since she has seen such beauty

Still a question remain

Who or what freed her?

Walking along the treeline

Admiring the view around her

She eventually came across her answer

There next to the woods and the meadow

She saw what saved her

The best friend who always felt like her other half

Like two peas in a pod

A reunion that was long overdue

The best friend who is like a sister

Once moved away but coming back home

With a baby attached

New friends with shared interests

Nerds and animal lovers

Who know how to chill and live in comfortable silence

Reentering the world of dating

Some men who caught her attention

A few have stood out

Making her feel pretty

What will come of those that have stood out?

Only time will tell

A new job she knows she will be good at

Listening to others about what troubles them

A job that puts her well being first

New possibilities of a happier life

Hoping they will come to pass

Putting herself first

Realizing she can be happy despite her circumstances

Having the tools to get herself out

Out of the fortress and lakes

And a support system, there for her

Finally, at long last

She found that lost part of herself

A part never thought to be seen again

More than a decade since she’s seen her

This girl who loves to laugh

Go on adventures

Wants to date

And wear pretty things

Dresses were always her favorite

And shoes of course

Loves herself despite her flaws

And she does have many

Way more than she had more than a decade ago

That’s okay though

She accepts who she is

She is still afraid

She has courage and strength

Just like her brother always said she had

She is excited for what her future holds

She broke free

She is free

She is me.