What sets you apart makes you great!

“What sets you apart can sometimes feel like a burden and it’s not. And a lot of the time, it’s what makes you great.” —Emma Stone

Pink flamingo by Tammy Serio

Pink flamingo by Tammy Serio
Medium: alcohol ink

You Are Not Alone

As we wrap up the month of May for mental health awareness, we want to continue to keep raising awareness for this important cause. Many of us have suffered from the stigma and discrimination caused by having a mental illness or working to manage our mental health.

We want to break down the stigma so that no one hast to suffer in silence or alone. We want you to prioritize your mental health, learn effective coping skills for life’s challenges and unexpected events. Wings Across Alabama guiding individuals and discovering ways to build resiliency and lift each other to the Ultimate wellness.

Promoting well-being in all aspects of our lives and finding balance is an important goal to achieve. At the core of Wayne’s across Alabama, we promise to enrich Piers lives with joy and knowledge. To keep to that promise, we’ve committed to support the national alliance on mental illness Nami, which builds more joyful lives for the millions of Americans who struggle with Depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar, and other mental illnesses. 

Here at Wings Across Alabama, all the work we do is to help spread the word, and let people know that even if they feel isolated, they are not alone. #YouAreNotAlone

We asked a team member to share what makes them feel like they are not alone, in hopes that sharing their thoughts will help others who feel hopeless. Here’s an example of what our member shared.

I love to hear what makes you feel like you are not alone. Download the You Are Not Alone template, and share your story!

Sharing your story is not only helpful for your own mental health journey, it’s also a great way to let others know they are not alone. Send your image to us on WINGS Across Alabama Facebook or share it on other social media using #MHM #YouAreNotAlone #ToolsToThrive.

Introducing Mother Helen

Mother Helen has taken APPR classes, volunteers, paints, has close friendships, a bond with her husband of 50 years and her relationship with God all keep her balanced and well. Mother Helen gives hope that recovery from mental health challenges as possible.

Alabama’s Mother Helen

Bloom where you are planted!

It is Mind-Blooming to realize that, your mind is resilient, beautiful and wonderful! During Mental Health Awareness Month, Wings Across Alabama provides services to assist anyone along their journey to wellness through APPR trainings, Warmline and CPS services to help you see where and how to be your best self, your way, in your time.

“Some people feel the rain, others just get wet!” – Bob Dylan

One Practical tool that everyone can use to improve their mental health

Mental health is essential to everyone’s overall health and well-being, and mental illnesses are common and
treatable. Start by checking in with yourself!

  1. Take a mental health screen at MHAscreening.org. It’s a quick, free, and
    private way for someone to assess their mental health and recognize signs of mental health problems.

Help us preserve the Six Protected Classes in Medicare Part D

Wings Across Alabama joined with a number of Alabama health organizations today to ask our state’s congressional delegation to help us preserve the Six Protected Classes in Medicare Part D. These classes ensure that people with complex health issues — including mental illness — have access to the full range of treatment options. Thank you for listening @RichardShelby @SenatorTuberville @RobertAderholt @RepMoBrooks @RepJerryCarl @RepBarryMoore @CongressmanGaryPalmer @CongressmanMikeDRogers @RepSewell !

Self Portrait

Self Portrait image
Self Portrait by Phillip Pearson

Give Yourself a Lift!

Still I Rise by Maya Angelou

Join us this month as we shine a light on American blacks who use their cultural experience to power them through life’s challenges. RoxAnn speaks words of empowerment here in the video Still I Rise by Maya Angelou. How do you lift yourself out of difficult life situations? Share with us in the comments below.

It’s therapeutic …

“Joel” is a depiction of a video game character from a game that I played when I was going through a difficult time. The style is pointillism. I painstakingly placed every single dot on the page for it. It’s therapeutic to take the time to work on that, and the thing that’s great about pointillism is that it encourages mistakes. If you misplaced a dot that can make the piece even better!

This art form connects to my internal struggles in a way that not alot of pieces do, and I think that encouraging peers to find what works for them can be just as helpful. I’ve always overanalyzing things, so I get to choose exactly where I place my points, but I also get to care about the image it creates.

Andrew Yarborough

Hiring Peer Supporters for $18.00 per hour to provide support in an online Facebook Group

Position Objective: 

Vibrant Emotional Health is seeking “Peer Supporters” with a healthcare background for the national Disaster Distress Helpline’s (DDH) new Healthcare Peer Support Communities pilot program. Peer supporters will provide structured moderation within an online Facebook Group dedicated to healthcare workers impacted by Covid-19. The peer supporter will engage peers in meaningful discussion on relevant topics and provide timely and trusted resources. Peer Supporters will receive free trainings in evidence-informed models of peer support and disaster emotional care, in order to utilize foundational principles and best practices. Peer supporters will also work closely with a designated DDH crisis center to connect peers to a trained crisis counselor when a member is/or appears to be in emotional distress, experiencing symptoms of other mental health concerns, such as suicidal thoughts and/or suicidal ideation, for follow-up care and support.

Primary Program:    Disaster Distress Helpline

Reports to:                Program Manager-Online Peer Support

Per Diem:                  28 hours per month/flexible hours  

Rate: $18.00 per hour