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We feel strongly that art, including creative writing, poetry, and visual art enhances recovery. We encourage you to submit your artwork to for a chance to be showcased in one of our three peer’s Artistic Expression Galleries. Experience what our artists are doing now with art, music and literature here.

Here we showcase artist, musicians, writers and artistic expression of various media. Peers have shared their creative works with us for the pleasure of your viewing. Share this page and email us your comments on the art you see here. Processing the feelings we have during this trying time can sometimes be difficult to express in words. Here you will see work from those who are managing the stress of isolation and anxiety through creative expression.

Wings Across Alabama does not provide any copyright protection for the artwork it chooses to display on this website. Please submit your work with that in mind. Although Wings will not actively distribute your artwork, it may be reproduced without notice. We will limit our showcased art to one submission per person, per month. Showcased artwork will be available to view on our website for approximately one month and will then be archived. Wings Across Alabama reserves the right to display any artwork submitted and will showcase art at the organization’s discretion. 

Are You a Creative Person?

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Use Your Creativity As A Recovery Tool

Facilitators, Jeff and Tammy  will walk you through how to utilize various mediums as a form of self expression  to support your wellbeing twice a month.