“Joel” (Pointillism Art) by Andrew Yarborough

“Joel” (Pointillism Art) by Andrew Yarborough

It’s therapeutic … This art form connects to my internal struggles in a way that not alot of pieces do, and I think that encouraging peers to find what works for them can be just as helpful.Andrew Yarborough

“A Lonely Heart’s Lullaby” by Jeff Mitchell

Jeff wrote this song shortly before his Mother’s death. All of his songs are composed on the computer using headphones, so the nuances of the instruments are best heard through headphones and not through normal speakers. “A Lonely Heart’s Lullaby evokes the emotions I...


by Charisse D. Parker Freedom is a conceptA “something” we all seekFreedom is often fought forOtherwise we feel we’re weak Freedom is so vitalYet often misunderstoodFor truly pure freedomLeads us where nothing else could Some assume that freedomIs...