Wings Across Alabama has had many contributors to the organization who have been influential in building the Wings organization.  This page is dedicated to showing our gratitude for their contribution.


Program Contributors

Dalana Brooks

Dalana Brooks

Program Director (Began in 2020)

Personal experience with trauma and addiction lead Dalana to find her life’s passion in mental health advocacy with emphasis on consumer-driven behavioral healthcare. As Wings Across Alabama’s Program Director, She aims to help others with mental illness find recovery through peer support which was the driving force in her recovery. And for those in recovery to see their lived experience as a positive attribute, powerful in building relationships and garnering hope. Dalana has her Master’s degree in Corporate Business Communication from The University of South Alabama and nine years of experience in healthcare management. A type 1 diabetes diagnosis at a young age makes exercise, diet, and stress reduction a personal priority. But if given a choice with her time, she would rather be doing mission work, painting, or scouting her new favorite thrift store for the perfect find! Above all, Dalana wishes to be a good example of recovery, strength, and resilience for her daughter, Paisley.

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