Guide for Storytellers

What to Expect 

Step 1: Application process After submitting your mental health empowerment story your story

will be heard by a four person team with Wings. Keep in mind this may take several weeks or

longer. We want to give each submission our full attention so we can really hear everyone’s


Step 2: Interview Setup Applicants will be contacted to take part in an online interview via

GoTo meeting. Once an interview date has been agreed upon Wings will send you an online

login to attend. The interview will include 2-5 Wings grant staff members.


Watch Current Storytellers 


Step 3: Online Interview Outline- 1 hour

• Introductions

• Consent form – CLICK HERE to read and sign today

• Plan and set goals

• Review interview questions*

• Outline/script*

Step 4: Prerecording meeting – short meeting before recording to prepare and follow up with any


Step 5: Film and Record – approximate time needed

Step 6: Finalize/edit – once edited, Empowerment video stories will be 5 minutes in length

Step 7: Review final video with storyteller

Step 8: Publish and Share

Step 9: Evaluate

Filming location and details

We will set the filming location to meet your ideas, comfort and needs. On filming day

our crew will meet 30 minutes prior to filming to setup. In-person Video sessions can be 1-2

hours long, dependent on person and story. This includes set-up, establishing footage and break


Below are the Wings staff and videography crew that you will be meeting. Their pictures

and short biographies are included to protect safety and increase familiarity before first

meeting. Ideally, three staff members will be present during filming.


Telling Your Story

Consent form review: Step back and ask yourself if you’re ready to share your story publicly.

Make a list of the benefits and drawbacks if you’re not sure. The forms will be emailed prior to

our during the start of interview. I’m addition to our online review, we ask that you review the

forms on your own and with others if needed. Forms will not need to be signed until the day of

recording but agreement by signature is necessary to start filming.


Interview questions: Request “interview questions –

storytellers” is a list of interview questions that can be asked during your recording. Do not let

the idea of an interview or questions make you hesitant. Interview questions are intended to

help guide your story or give an introduction point. You can choice to deliver your story with or

without question guidance. You may also suggest your own.


Watch and comment on Empowerment Stories

This is your story and will be filmed and told in a way unique to you. To view other storytellers,

you may watch and comment onEmpowerment Showcase

Do you have questions?

Send comments or questioons to our email at and a staff member with contact you .