by Charisse D. Parker

Freedom is a concept
A “something” we all seek
Freedom is often fought for
Otherwise we feel we’re weak

Freedom is so vital
Yet often misunderstood
For truly pure freedom
Leads us where nothing else could

Some assume that freedom
Is characterized by where you are
Or that it is a state
Reached by plane or car

Still others argue still
Freedom can not be found in jail
Imprisoned behind bars
That myth dispelled as well

For what freedom really is
Depends not on location
Nor is it predetermined
a By a certain nation or merely on vacation

Some still do not believe
This truth I am here to share
Yet those who have experienced freedom
Know what it cost to be there

Freedom is exactly what it says
Being free from domination
But not from any outside entity
Free from your own condemnation

Only through our Savior, Our King
Our Lord Jesus the Christ
Can true freedom truly exist
And leads to eternal life

So next time you assume
Something negative about someone you see
Remember you are judging
They are likely the one who is indeed FREE!