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Peers Across Alabama is a virtual resource hub for Certified Peer Specialists across the State of Alabama. This project was funded by a federal grant received from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration in 2021 and has been an ongoing project by Wings Across Alabama to meet consumers where they are, particularly in rural areas.

Peer Empowerment Videos aim to elevate the stories and lived experiences of peers. The positive impact of sharing one’s story extends beyond the storyteller and benefits others who have the opportunity to review and resonate with the experiences of others with similar lived experiences, as well as providing testimonies of consumers of mental health services to law and policy-makers in the State of Alabama. This model of “for us, by us” lifts up the voices and perspectives of consumers and effectively articulates the services and policy needs of people living with mental health conditions.

The Peer Educational Library is designed to provide interactive materials, tools, and resources to lead group sessions. The Peer Educational Library includes instructional materials, including self-guided videos to create a recovery relapse plan, a self-guided workshop to create one’s own empowerment video, and a mindfulness module that walks consumers through various wellness activities that support their ongoing recovery. Having access to this library of organized materials will empower consumers in rural areas with less access to mental health resources.

Supplemental Resources will provide Certified Peer Specialists with information regarding services and educational materials that are freely offered on the World Wide Web, including organizations, links to mental health and substance abuse educational and wellness tools, as well as other supportive resources such as poems and songs.

Peer Projects will include links and contact information of projects with which Alabama Certified Peer Specialists are involved and wish to voluntarily share with the community. These projects may include art project pages, music pages, poetry pages, or social media projects.

Peers Across Alabama Virtual Resource Hub for Certified Peer Specialists is designed to support Certified Peer Specialists with guiding group sessions, particularly in rural areas that lack access to mental health services, empower consumers by telling their stories, create community and networking among Certified Peer Specialists, and serve as a wellness tool to support recovery and prevent relapse.

Most importantly, Peers Across Alabama is interactive and needs YOUR video, music, art, and wellness tool contributions to continue to grow and expand its resources.

Join the RESPECT Initiative of Alabama course

        Peers Across Alabama has partnered with the RESPECT Initiative.  If you’d like for our team to assist with creating a video telling your story, join a RESPECT Initiative course to develop and organize your story, then contact our team to turn your story into an empowering video to be shared in our Empowerment Video Series.  Contact Alex Cyr to register:

Upcoming RESPECT Initiative dates:

April 15-15, 2024

May 13-17, 2024

Stay tuned for more information about the formal presentation of the Peers Across Alabama Virtual Resource Hub.