The Certified Peer Specialist Training Program

What is a Certified Peer Specialist (CPS)?

A certified Peer Specialist is a person in recovery from a mental health condition, who by sharing their personal experiences with mental illness and their own personal recovery experience, promotes recovery. Through their common experiences, they build hope and assist consumers in achieving their personal recovery goal.

The Certified Peer Specialist Program goals including:

  • Promote the expansion of peer support in Alabama
  • Educate providers on the benefits of employing Certified Peer Specialist
  • Provide a conduit for communication, support and sharing of information, news and ideas among Certified Peer Specialist


Qualifications to become a CPS include:

  • Have personally experienced a mental health condition
  • Be in recovery
  • Be open minded and willing to share your personal experiences with mental illness publicly
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Have good communication skills, both written and oral
  • Complete and pass the Certified Peer Specialist Training sponsored by the Alabama Department of Mental Health, Office of Peer Programs

Certified Peer Specialist Help Their Peers:

  • Develop communication, social and problem solving skills
  • Develop skills to combat negative self-talk
  • Develop support systems
  • Refine self help skills

The Alabama Certified Peer Specialist Program is a five day training program that includes instruction, discussion and role-play with an examination after the training.

Note: Successful completion of the training and examination does not guarantee you a job. Peer Specialist are hiring by individual providers and are subject to the provider’s application and hiring process.

Program Director:

Dalana W. Brooks, MS, CPS

Phone Number : 1-251-244-8339


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