This is our showcase for artist, musicians, writers and artistic expression of various media. Peers have shared their creative works with us for the pleasure of your viewing. Share this page and email us your comments on the art you see here. Processing the feelings we have during this trying time can sometimes be difficult to express in words. Here you will see work from those who are managing the stress of isolation and anxiety through creative expression.

We encourage you to submit your artwork to art@wingsacrossal.org for a chance to be showcased on our website.

A Part Once Lost

Click and Watch Kate's Empowerment Workshop Video A Part Once Lost by Kate McGee She found a part of herself Long since departed Never thought to be seen again That part of her, locked away Sealed up behind a dense forest And under a murky lake Behind layers of brick...


by Charisse D. Parker Freedom is a conceptA "something" we all seekFreedom is often fought forOtherwise we feel we're weak Freedom is so vitalYet often misunderstoodFor truly pure freedomLeads us where nothing else could Some assume that freedomIs characterized by...

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Charisse Parker 
Warmline Director

Kathryn McGee

Warmline Operator