As we wrap up the month of May for mental health awareness, we want to continue to keep raising awareness for this important cause. Many of us have suffered from the stigma and discrimination caused by having a mental illness or working to manage our mental health.

We want to break down the stigma so that no one has to suffer in silence or alone. We want you to prioritize your mental health, learn effective coping skills for life’s challenges and unexpected events. Wings Across Alabama guiding individuals and discovering ways to build resiliency and lift each other to the Ultimate wellness.

Promoting well-being in all aspects of our lives and finding balance is an important goal to achieve. At the core of Wayne’s across Alabama, we promise to enrich Piers lives with joy and knowledge. To keep to that promise, we’ve committed to support the national alliance on mental illness Nami, which builds more joyful lives for the millions of Americans who struggle with Depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar, and other mental illnesses. 

Here at Wings Across Alabama, all the work we do is to help spread the word, and let people know that even if they feel isolated, they are not alone. #YouAreNotAlone

We asked a team member to share what makes them feel like they are not alone, in hopes that sharing their thoughts will help others who feel hopeless. Here’s an example of what our member shared.

I love to hear what makes you feel like you are not alone. Download the You Are Not Alone template, and share your story!

Sharing your story is not only helpful for your own mental health journey, it’s also a great way to let others know they are not alone. Send your image to us on WINGS Across Alabama Facebook or share it on other social media using #MHM #YouAreNotAlone #ToolsToThrive.